Composition of the Municipal Council

The Municipal Council holds the executive power in the town of Fribourg. Headed by the “Syndic” (equivalent to Mayor or President), the Municipal Council is composed of five members who are elected every five years using a proportional representation system. Each Municipal Councillor is responsible for a directorate comprising several departments and the related commissions.


2016-2021 legislative period


Thierry Steiert
Syndic (Mayor), PS  


Directorates of general administration and information technology



Antoinette de Weck
Vice-Syndic (Deputy Major), PLR

Directorates of schools, social affairs and civic community affairs


Andrea Burgener Woeffray


Directorates of civil engineering


Pierre-Olivier Nobs
Centre gauche – PCS 


Directorates of local police, mobility and sports


Laurent Dietrich 


Directorates of finance and cultural services

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